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Sold by: 20 L can.

Cable Ease cable blowing lubricant is a clear liquid silicone based cable lubricant specifically designed to meet the needs of the blown / air-carrying cable installation techniques in the telecommunication industry. Provides significant reduction of the friction coefficient developed during the placement of cables in ducts and sub-ducts using blowing and air carrying techniques.

  • Easy application with superior friction reduction ensures fast and efficient installation
  • Spreads evenly with an easy flow without drops or lumps
  • Overcomes the problems encountered when using thick gel-based, wax or microsphere lubricants
  • Does not dry out during installation or interrupt the flow or carrying capability of the air
  • Atomizes when blown, maximising cable installation distances
  • Leaves a thin film of lubricant which will not cement cables
  • Use on its own or in conjunction with pre-lubricated or co-extruded ducts and sub-ducts
  • Ensures that any contact between new and existing cables does not cause blockages
  • Allows easy removal or subsequent installations to same duct at a later date
  • Improves efficiency of pre-lubricated ducts
  • Reduces the risk of stoppages and cable damage
  • Saves time and money
  • Suitable for use at extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with all standard cable jackets, duct and inner-duct polymers
  • Non-flammable
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SKU (GTIN) 3665792008121
Format Liquid
Usage unit Liter
Usage unit quantity 20
ERP Code P20236-20L-P-1
Master product CABLE EASE
VOC g/L 800.0000
Regulatory constraints Each customer is responsible for verifying the regulatory constraints incumbent on him for import and transport
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