For many years now, SOCOMORE has aimed to be a positive actor in society, especially for its employees, its community, and the planet. On the occasion of the development of the 2019-2024 strategic plan, we decided to formalize our historic societal commitment with the SOCOWAY, SOCOMORE’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. This new policy places sharing at the heart of its action: it is by sharing with those around us that we will create value for all. The SOCOWAY is anchored in 3 areas (economic, environmental and societal) and oriented around 6 sharing commitments:

Socoway socomore CSR politicSocoway socomore CSR politic

Build partnerships with all stakeholders

Share the added value created by the company

Improve the environmental impact of our products, processes, and activities

Develop our collaborative workplaces, work methods, and work tools

Take action for quality of life at work

Promote the involvement of our employees in local community projects.

Since it was founded in 1972, SOCOMORE has always sought to make a positive impact on its stakeholders. In recent years, building on strong growth and driven by its exceptional commitment, SOCOMORE has striven to place sharing at the heart of its growth. Referred to as the SOCOWAY, this approach is reflected in the belief that sharing SOCOMORE’s added value activates a virtuous circle that enables the creation of new financial, social, societal, and innovation assets.

On an everyday basis, the SOCOWAY manifests itself in our culture, our operations, and the connections we forge with our employees and ecosystems. In concrete terms, it is reflected in the creation of the Aerochemicals alliance, for example, and the birth of Socopolis. The SOCOWAY also involves developing employee shareholding, supporting our staff’s humanitarian, sporting, or cultural endeavors, and hosting start-ups in some of our offices. The SOCOWAY also concerns our methods for sharing the value we create. We are doing this through a Profit Sharing Group, staff co-ownership of SOCOPOLIS SAS, and our drive to extend employee shareholding where feasible (without undue complexity given our size). The SOCOWAY is strengthened by its diversity and is our method of ceaselessly reinventing so that, together, we can build the SOCOMORE of tomorrow.

SOCOMORE’s employees are the primary actors of the SOCOWAY. We encourage them to deploy and spread this spirit across all subsidiaries of the SOCOMORE group, since it is only through the mobilization of each and every one of us that we will achieve our ambitions as responsible chemists.

We also signed the Responsible Care Charter (French) of the International Council of Chemical Associations