SOCOCLEAN EXTERIOR AIRCRAFT CLEANER is a cleaner for aircraft exterior surfaces.

It is 100% plant-based actives (100% of the ingredients are derived from renewable resources), free of petroleum derivatives or chemical additives which offers an ultimate biodegradability on 100% of the formula. It is intended for the cleaning of aircraft exteriors (fuselage, landing gear…) and is usable on following surfaces/materials:

  • Metallic painted and unpainted surfaces
  • All metals, glasses and paints, composites, plastic materials, acrylic plastics. May be used on all surfaces without risk of attack or corrosion.


Key benefits :

  • 100% plant-based
  • Ultimate biodegradability of 100 % of the formula
  • Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Zero hazard identification in terms of toxicity and ecotoxicity.
  • No health hazard - no Personal Protective Equipment needed.
  • No fire hazard associated with its use – non-flammable product.
  • No transportation constraints. USES


  1. Manually, by wiping with a mop or by brushing
  2. With the robotic AEROWASH washing solution
  3. With a high pressure system with hot or cold water



SOCOCLEAN EXTERIOR AIRCRAFT CLEANER is used diluted at ambient temperature (from 10% (w/w) with clean water, up to 100% depending on soiling level).

Ideally, it can be applied manually with a microfiber mopping pad or with AEROWASH robotic washing solution:

For a manual application with a microfiber mopping pad:

1. Dilute the product from 10% (w/w) with clean water, up to 100% (depending on soiling level)
2. Spray the product directly on the surface or pour onto a microfiber mop, and then apply to
the surface
3. Let stand for 1 minute (Do not let dry)
4. Dry wipe with a clean/dry soft microfiber
5. Do not let the product dry without wiping

For an application with AEROWASH robotic washing solution:

  1. Fill the AW robot with pure product
  2. Place AW robot next to the aircraft in DRY WASH washing position
  3. Select the washing program from the operating panel depending on the aircraft model
  4. Apply dry wash fluid on the brush before washing
  5. Wash the fuselage with AW robot
  6. Some critical areas can’t be washed with AW robot so wash them manually.


If you need more details or support on AW robot, please contact AEROWASH. 

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