HYSO QD is the former PFQD manufactured by PT Technologies Europe. HYSO QD is a quick drying residue free manual cleaning solvent for surface cleaning and degreasing in manufacture, maintenance and fabrication activities. It removes general soils, oils, greases and combustion residues.

  • Low odour, fast evaporating cleaning solvent
  • Suitable for use in poorly ventilated or confined spaces
  • Leaves no residue after complete evaporation
  • Non corrosive to metal such as copper, aluminium, magnesium and stainless steel etc.
  • Compatible with resins, plastics & elastomeric rubbers
  • Available in liquid and pre-saturated on low lint wipes such as SOCOSAT 15233 - a cloth compliant to AMS 3819C qualification requirements
  • Pre-saturated wipe system eliminates the hazardous storage, transport and logistical issues of loose flammable liquids
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