Water-based cleaner

Formerly Elixair part numbers 308-1 and 308-5.

SkyWash is a non-flammable, water-based surface cleaning liquid. It has a multitude of uses such as degreasing, and effectively and efficiently removing wet and tacky polysulfides, polythioether, polyurethane, RTVs and silicone sealants. It can also be used for tool cleaning. SkyWash can be used as a stand-alone degreaser and is effective in removing greases and oils typically found in aerospace applications.

Key Features

  • SkyWash is non-flammable and water-based which means it can be as a general purpose wash/cleaner without the need for protective measures
  • Safe alternative to traditional solvents such as MEK, MPK, IPA, and acetone
  • Quickly cleans and degreases surfaces
  • Removes wet and semi-cured sealants
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