SOCOCLEAN A2501 UV, a variation of SOCOCLEAN A2501, is a low-VOC solvent-based cleaner to prepare surfaces for bonding. It was specially designed to allow the cleaning to be checked thanks to UV tracers that show where the product was applied using a UV lamp. As SOCOCLEAN A2501 UV is colourless in normal light, any stains on the parts where it was applied are invisible to the naked eye.

It is available as presaturated wipes only (SATWIPES C86, SOCOSAT VP80, SOCOSAT E, SOCOSAT G, PROSAT D).

  • This effective cleaner and degreaser guarantees a surface free from
  • impurities.
  • Its good evaporation allows quick bonding after surface preparation.
  • Its UV tracers allow verification with a UV lamp.
  • Low VOC content (< 30%)
  • A suitable answer to the new European OSHA regulations related to VOC emissions.
  • The flash point at 26°C is stable over time and remains consistent
  • throughout the evaporation.
  • Non-corrosive on metals, including light alloys. 
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