Low VOC water-based alternative to solvent aircraft cleaners for general cleaning and degreasing of metallic and composite surfaces in manufacturing and maintenance operations.

SOCOCLEAN AQUAFORTE is a water-based cleaning product designed to provide effective surface cleaning and to eliminate oils, soils, cutting fluids and sealant residues. SOCOCLEAN AQUAFORTE is free of soda and potash, phosphates, nitrites, phenols and borates components. It was designed to replace traditional fast evoporating solvents such as MEK, Acetone, IPA and other solvent based degreasers.

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous classification
  • Eliminates hazardous transport, storage and logistic issues associated to flammable liquid solvents
  • Adapted for working in confined spaces
  • Compatible on metals, composites and plastics materials
  • Available in both liquid and impregnated wipes
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