Low VOC water-based cleaner for cleaning paint circulation systems, CICs and paint application equipment. SOCOCLEAN PC1 is a water-based product for removing water-soluble paints in circulation systems and application equipment, particularly those used in the aerospace industry. SOCOCLEAN PC1 is free from sodium,potassium, phosphates, nitrites and borates. It is intended to replace traditional, fast-evaporating solvents such as MEK, acetone, IPA and other solvent degreasers. SOCOCLEAN PC1:
  • allows removing of water-soluble coatings after a short curing time,
  • has a low rate of VOCIs not classified as toxic, hazardous or flammable,
  • avoids the transport, storage and logistic issues associated with flammable liquid solvents
  • is compatible with metals.
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