SOCOLUB V0690 is a lubricant used to ease the mounting and dismounting of tires. SOCOLUB V0690 was formerly sold under the trademark of BIB UP (cf. Certificate of Analysis from MICHELIN).
  • Does not develop corrosion on steel or aluminium alloys.
  • Dries quickly and eliminates any rotation risk of the tire on the rim.
SOCOLUB V0690 is supplied in aerosol:
  • Rapidly ready to use, precise application and easy mounting.
  • Does not deteriorate under the action of external polluting agents.
  • Does not run, leaves the environment clean and safe for the user.
  • Optimized consumption as applies just the right quantity of product.
  • Bacteriostatique: no bacterial development, no odor development.
  • One spray allows 100 mountings.
BIB'UP is the former name of SOCOLUB V0690. Packed in aerosol, it lubricates tires and rims to ease the mouting and dismounting of tires.
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