Acid activated gel-type aircraft stripper for all types of paint. Non corrosive on most metallic surfaces.

Main advantages :

  • High efficiency on paint systems with sol-gel pre-treatment
  • Reduces the overhall stripping time and paint stripper consumption
  • Optimal viscosity for cling ability to vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Free from Chlorine, phenol & Chromate
  • Paint remover in acid medium intended for all paints, especially adapted to epoxy, polyurethane and alkydurethane.
  • Non corrosive on most metallic surfaces (steels, aluminium alloys, titanium, etc...) except magnesium, high strength steel and cadmium plated steel.
  • Owing to its formulation, SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR reduces the safety and environmental risks and drawbacks usually linked to removers containing dichloromethane, phenols and chromates.
  • The viscosity is adjusted in order to facilitate the application by hand or by means of "airless" apparatus and to effectively cover all surfaces, even if vertical or overhanging. 
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