SOCOMORE continues to evolve in order to always meet more and more efficiently the constantly growing demands of the global market (aerospace and others).

In accordance with our ambition and our development strategy, operational excellence leads to a Quality Safety Environment commitment based on 4 main themes :


Gather in a steady and precise way our stakeholders' needs (shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, civil society, environment, communities, public authorities,…) needs, from technical, environmental, supply chain points of view,…


The control of our daily operations must be simple, reliable, and flexible. We achieve this by encouraging measurable, visual, and transversal performance management, whatever the job, to ensure maximum longevity.


Guarantee efficient protection for people and the environment in the management of our industrial and R&D activities, as well as in the purchasing and delivery of our chemical specialties to our customers. Fulfill our regulatory compliance obligations.



Undertake continuous actions to improve our practices, increase the satisfaction of our customers, employees, and all stakeholders in the areas of quality, hygiene, safety, and environment.

Each member of SOCOMORE has to be concerned with these 4 main themes and is committed to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the system. We are committed to exercise and to develop our business in accordance with ethical behavior (Socomore ethics principles).

Our customer audits and ISO 9001, EN/AS 9100, ISO 14001 certifications as well as applicable regulatory and statutory requirements are not an aim but a means to an end. They provide an external critical analysis which is essential for the longevity of SOCOMORE in meeting our customer needs and requirements in the best possible way.