Normally used as an anti-erosion coating on aircraft exterior leading edges and surfaces, CHEMGLAZE A074 has found a new and somewhat different application…

CHEMGLAZE A074, a moisture-curing aliphatic polyurethane coating designed for product finishing applications on metal and rigid / semi-rigid plastic substrates, is part of Socomore’s coatings range for aircraft substrates. However, one company in the US has a different application for it.

Harlick Skating Boots, a small factory in California, USA, that handcrafts ice and roller skating boots, used the product on custom-made skating boots for some ice-dancing athletes competing in PyeongChang this February!

Harlick purchased the product from Chembar, Inc., a specialty chemical distribution company that distributes Socomore products in North America.
CHEMGLAZE A074 is part of the CHEMGLAZE and AEROGLAZE coatings range purchased by Socomore in 2016 from Lord Corporation. Made in the USA, this innovative range of solutions includes top coats, primers, wash primers, mid-coats, thinners and conductive coatings. Visit our coatings section to find out more.
So look out for Harlick skating boots, and CHEMGLAZE, on the ice this February 2018!

Best wishes to the athletes from all at Socomore, we wish you success!

If you wish to speak with a Socomore representative about our ‘Coatings’ products, please contact Jason Myers, Technical Sales Manager for Coatings, USA, or Maria Hohensinner, Technical Manager, USA.