Socomore is proud to announce its acquisition of Microset Products Ltd, a UK-based company specializing in advanced replication materials for engineering inspections. This strategic move enhances Socomore's Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) capabilities and solidifies its presence in the UK.

Located in Hinckley, near Birmingham, UK, Microset Products Ltd has been at the forefront of replication technology for over 40 years. The company specializes in a range of applications critical to assessing surface damage, finish, quality control of internal surfaces and dimensions, crack detection, and metallography.

These solutions are particularly invaluable in sectors where traditional NDT methods fall short, such as the notable underwater inspection of North Sea oil installations.

By integrating Microset's expertise and renowned product line, including their flagship replication materials, with Socomore's existing NDT solutions — such as the Dynamold DMR-series replication systems, Babbco's penetrant and magnetic testing products, and comprehensive lighting, materials, and services — Socomore is poised to offer an unparalleled range of high-resolution replication materials.

This synergy not only strengthens Socomore's portfolio but also expands its footprint in the UK, enhancing supply chain efficiency and customer service through localized operations.

Adam and Guy Rollins, owners of Microset :

“After four decades of pioneering work in replication technology, we are delighted that the Microset journey is continuing as part of the Socomore family. We are confident that the expertise, vision and values championed by Frederic Lescure and the team at Socomore will ensure a successful and productive new chapter for Microset and we anticipate both consistency and innovation for current and future customers under the care of this dynamic and illustrious group.”

Frederic Lescure, CEO of Socomore, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition:
"We are thrilled to welcome the Microset team into the Socomore family. This strategic acquisition broadens our NDT solution range, enabling us to offer a more complete suite of products to our customers. It also solidifies our presence in the UK, aligning with our goal to improve local operations and customer support."

Andrew Leech, North America VP of Socomore, highlighted the global impact:
The inclusion of Microset’s innovative products into our portfolio not only diversifies our Dynamold’s offerings but also strengthens our global position in the specialized NDT market.

Nathalie Vigouroux, NDT VP of Socomore, added: “Incorporating Microset’s products represents a significant enhancement to our portfolio, allowing us to further refine and expand our services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Socomore and Microset have also agreed on a consulting contract to ensure a seamless transition and integration of operations, guaranteeing continued excellence in service and support for all customers. Microset's existing clientele will maintain their relationships with current sales channels and distributors, ensuring continuity and reliability.

This acquisition reflects Socomore's commitment to leading the NDT industry through innovation, expanded service capabilities, and strategic growth.


NDT* Non Destructive Testing

About Microset  -

Microset Products Ltd was incorporated in 1985. It develops, manufactures and markets replication materials hi-tech engineering throughout the World, for example for remote locations where other techniques are impractical like underwater inspection of North Sea oil installations, and for critical engineering surfaces. Microset Products Ltd is an ISO 9001 company.