Olnica is pleased to announce it will become part of the industrial SOCOMORE group, a global supplier of solutions for the preparation, treatment, protection and coating of critical surfaces for aircraft manufacturers and maintenance companies in airline industry, defense, energy and industrial markets.

“For Olnica, this project is a growth accelerator because it will allow it to position itself in international markets that were not easy to access due to its size.”, declares Nicolas Kerbellec, “Backed by the SOCOMORE group, historical shareholder, Olnica will clearly strengthen its viability towards its customers and develop operational excellence.”

Relying on a company of 330 employees with over 50 R&D dedicated staff and a 80M€ sales projection in 2022 definitively leverages Olnica reliability on its markets.

Driven by its patented unique code molecular taggant technology, Olnica of course retains its full activity in securing brands. At a time when counterfeiting and gray markets threaten more than ever people's health, jobs and the industrial property of brands: product security and traceability are vital.

Olnica's Secure Track & Trace technology is the only one that offers manufacturers a tamper-proof security layer that is easy to implement and control.

With Olnica, SOCOMORE has thus acquired a subsidiary focused on Traceability and “Brand Protection”.

"On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the group, SOCOMORE acquires Olnica. Our objective is to support this technological valuable asset thanks to the industrial strength of our group and thus enable it to better serve its customers worldwide.” commented Frédéric Lescure, CEO of SOCOMORE. "At Olnica, we have identified obvious know-how, but we have also met a team ready to embark with us on innovative projects with high added value"

Olnica will continue to support its customers for the implementation of traceability solutions adapted to their needs, with the teams in place. Nathalie Vigouroux, already director of a business unit of the SOCOMORE group, will become the General Manager of the subsidiary Olnica Trace SAS, a new subsidiary of the group. Nicolas Kerbellec, founder of the company, becomes Chief Operating Officer & Innovation Director.

About OLNICA – olnica.com

OLNICA is an expert in the protection of brands and the traceability of consumer products. OLNICA provides unique and innovative technological solutions capable of protecting the property of companies and governments, their brands, products and supply chains, in order to fight against counterfeiting, fraud, embezzlement and theft. Unique code tracer, specific fluorophores, connected detectors, cloud: OLNICA provides all authentication systems, visible or invisible, from a simple control system to a molecular tracer, allowing robust evidence to be brought to court against counterfeiters.

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