On March 22nd, 2023, SOCOMORE and RESCOLL (Applus+ Laboratories) signed a collaboration agreement for the development and distribution of intumescent and thermal barrier paints developed by RESCOLL for the aeronautical sector.

Thanks to this exclusive worldwide agreement, SOCOMORE has added a new technical product to its range of functional coatings: intumescence for protection against fire hazards. This product is qualified by SAFRAN as it meets the requirements of the aerospace market.

It is now renamed SOCOGLAZE INTUMESCENT 0617 and joins the SOCOMORE coatings range:

This product is now offered by SOCOMORE's sales teams to customers in the aeronautical and other markets to meet their fire protection needs. This coating can be applied on composite and metal parts to protect them from delamination / deformation in the event of a fire: boats, trains, cars (batteries for example), etc.

For RESCOLL, this partnership is an opportunity to develop this product, with the support of SOCOMORE's worldwide sales network.

For SOCOMORE, the integration of SOCOGLAZE INTUMESCENT 0617 means offering its customers a complementary range of coatings and work closely with the RESCOLL laboratory on new R&D developments.

About RESCOLL – rescoll.fr
Research company specialized in technological innovation, development and analysis of polymer
materials. Since 7 June 2023, Rescoll has been part of Applus+ Laboratories, a world leader in
testing, inspection and certification services.
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