SOCOMORE and the SALVECO laboratory create the leader in hygiene and disinfection products derived from 100% healthy chemistry

On the 26th of January 2021, the SOCOMORE Group and the SALVECO® laboratory formalised an agreement creating the GROUPE SALVECO SAS company, thereby pooling their disinfection operations.

Groupe SALVECO SAS will be chaired by Frédéric LESCURE who is also president of the SOCOMORE Group, and directed by Hervé HEINRICH D.Chem, who was already in charge of Group SOCOMORE’s Disinfection Business Unit with its SOCOSAFE range, launched in 2020. Stephan AUBERGER, founder and pioneer of plant chemistry as a healthy alternative to disinfection, is Managing Director with responsibility for innovation and with a focus on supporting and promoting all technological and regulatory aspects and enhancing intellectual property.

By joining forces, SOCOMORE and SALVECO want to create the leading European disinfection company, driven by a patent-protected technology that doesn’t compromise the planet. They will do this by means of an ambitious acquisitions policy to promote this technology, which responds to a strong market demand. To that end, they will draw on the know-how of two funds; Entrepreneur Invest and Pléiade Venture, two SALVECO historical shareholders,.

For the SOCOMORE Group, this alliance is in harmony with its strong desire to draw on innovative and disruptive technologies in order to offer a new line of disinfectant products in its SOCOSAFE range. It will exploit both the expertise of its teams that have specialised in surface cleaning for the past 50 years, and their experience gained from meeting their clients’ very high standards. Indeed, as a supplier to the aeronautic, rail, automotive, energy industries etc., this partnership is a confirmation for the SOCOMORE Group of its goal of a 100% healthy chemistry for industry.

SALVECO® is an industrial laboratory, a pioneer in plant-based chemistry whose products are based on renewable, efficient, competitive and responsible resources for a large spectrum of professional and consumer applications. The SALVECO laboratory’s hand cleaners and disinfectants enable its customers to benefit from the advantages of a truly responsible chemistry: 100% plant-based formulas, reduction/absence of toxicity and ecotoxicity, entirely biodegradable formula, total absence of synthetic petrochemical compounds. Its chemistry does not compromise human health and is totally beneficial for the planet. These are the only disinfectants authorised long-term on the European market, suitable for 3 month old babies; a new growing market!


SOCOSAFE and SALVECO’s disinfection operations were worth around €20m in 2020, with the ambition of growing that to over €50m from now to 2024. This new SOCOMORE Group entity will function autonomously, with strong synergies between both companies’ R & D laboratories, factories and commercial teams. A recruitment process has been launched to reinforce the Groupe SALVECO SAS’ teams and give them every means to become this disinfection leader driven by a unique French & vertuous technology.

Stephan AUBERGER, Directeur général du laboratoire SALVECO® “cette opportunité de s’adosser à l’industriel SOCOMORE, va nous permettre d’accomplir notre mission qui est aussi un rêve de donner à tous nos clients la possibilité d’utiliser des produits de désinfection efficaces, renouvelables et surtout totalement sécuritaires en termes de santé pour les utilisateurs.“

Stephan AUBERGER, CEO of the SALVECO® laboratory “this opportunity of associating with the manufacturer SOCOMORE will allow us to accomplish our goal, which is also a dream, of giving all our clients the possibility of using effective, renewable disinfection products and most importantly, products that are totally safe in terms of users’ health. SOCOMORE has, like us, this imperative in its DNA and above all the experience we lack to launch ourselves as a leader”

Frédéric LESCURE, PDG of the SOCOMORE Group, highlights that “our two companies are similar in a great many ways, most notably regarding our common values which drive our teams. The improvement of the impact of our activities on the environment is at the heart of our strategy of responsible chemistry, I am delighted that this association is 100% in line with this ambition.”

Martin GENOT, Co-President of Pléiade Venture “Entrepreneur Invest and Pléiade Venture driven by an entrepreneurial DNA will continue to be a driving force for the creation of the European disinfection leader and will support a 100% healthy technology which matches their values.”