Come and join us at Seoul Airshow ADEX 2023 !

The Korean’s leading aviation and space event which be held from October 17 ~ 22 at Seoul Airport, to show the indoor and outdoor exhibition of aircraft/ground equipment, seminars, flying display and demo-flight. Our Asia sales team will be attending the event all week, to present our range of products and answer your questions.

During this event, you will be free to meet with our experts on site to discuss:

– SOCOSTRIP liquid and gel paint removers, such as SOCOSTRIP A0103N or SOCOSTRIP A0109N, a new generation paint stripper activated by hydrogen peroxide, with a very long shelf life.

– Our range of cleaners, such as SOCOCLEAN EXTERIOR AIRCRAFT CLEANER (fuselage, landing gear…), a product of 100% plant origin, offering ultimate biodegradability for 100% of the formula

– SOCOGEL adhesion promotion coatings.

– MADER AERO, AEROGLAZE or CHEMGLAZE anti-erosion coatings for engines or wing leading edges.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where to find us?

Hall C - C509

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