SOCOMORE is officially launching our new tagline, “The Surface Company”, at the Paris Air Show.

In 2013, after successive acquisitions of the Babbco, Dynamold, Dysol and Magchem brands, the SOCOMORE logo became the logo for the SOCOMORE Group, and not just the logo for the surface treatment and preparation activity.

With the acquisition of the AEROGLAZE & CHEMGLAZE brands last October, the brands of our fourth activity ‘Coatings’, and the acquisition of ELIXAIR in May, a review of our brand strategy became necessary to ensure we covered all our activities. 


  • Surface treatment & preparation
  • Adhesives
  • Coatings
  • Non destructive testing

What do our 4 activities have in common?

SURFACES! All SOCOMORE products can be applied on metallic and composite materials for assembly, cleaning, protection, chemical treatment and NDT operations, etc.

Our new tagline, “The Surface Company”, will start to appear soon on company communications.