DIESTONE is a brand belonging to the SOCOMORE group.

The DIESTONE range is a historical range of powerful and versatile cleaning and degreasing solvents with controlled volatility for surface preparation operations prior to the application of paint, glue and sealant. 

Formulated in the 1970s to help our customers reduce VOC emissions by replacing the use of raw materials such as MEK or acetone, DIESTONE products are also available in pre-saturated wipes to further reduce product consumption and VOCs. Users appreciate the performance of the range, its non-corrosiveness on metals, including light alloys, as well as its safety: components of teratogenic or carcinogenic nature, toluene and ethylene glycol ethers are excluded.

The DIESTONE range includes several formulations, in order to offer each customer specific characteristics to meet their needs, such as

  • Different flash point according to the formulations (from 20 to 99°c),
  • Different types of wipes for different uses,
  • VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds),
  • Evaporation speed,
  • Etc.

DIESTONE products are very versatile and have obtained nearly a hundred qualifications for various applications from the largest manufacturers (SAFRAN, AIRBUS, BOEING, ALSTOM, etc.) and are used in the aeronautics, automotive, rail, energy and manufacturing industries.

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