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traitement des surfaces métalliques
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Since 1972, SOCOMORE has been creating, manufacturing           

and commercialising expert solutions for preparation,           

protection, treatment or control of metallic or composite

materials. Our 4 activities are :

› Critical surface treatment and preparation through the Socomore, Magchem and Dysol product ranges, the majority of which are approved by the main aerospace manufacturers (OEMs).

› Non-destructive testing through BabbCo’s range of consumable products, equipment, and Mag Rubber replication material.

› Structural adhesives and moldable shims through the Dynamold product range.

› Coatings for erosion and lightning strike protection, as a result of our recent agreement with LORD Corporation. This innovative range of functionalized coating solutions includes conductive coatings, mid coats, primers, top coats and wash primers.

These solutions aim to build and maintain transport industries (aerospace, automotive, railways), energy or any industry linked to metals and composite. Numerous products of our ranges are approved by aerospace manufacturers.

In order to answer to global customer needs and be able to supply worldwide complementary ranges of products or synergies, Socomore built commercial partnerships and acquired some companies, for example in North America.

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