SOCOMORE is an expert in the treatment and preparation of surfaces before bonding, assembly and painting. For 50 years, SOCOMORE has been providing innovative and effective solutions to help companies operating in the mobility and energy sectors. Traditionally associated with the aeronautics industry, SOCOMORE is also active in the automotive sector, helping manufacturers, tier suppliers and parts suppliers to achieve their goals.

Context and specificity of the automotive sector

Improve operator efficiency

The automotive industry is a highly challenging sector. Operators have to perform multiple operations in a very short time. Reducing each task can help them to achieve their goals.

High standards and requirements

The automotive industry is driven by strict quality standards and high performance requirements. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers must comply with these standards to ensure the reliability and durability of their products.

Suppliers in this sector need in-depth knowledge of each manufacturer's requirements and processes, in order to offer the right solutions for their needs.

An industry in constant technological evolution

Another distinctive feature of the automotive industry is its constant quest for innovation. We are currently observing significant technological advances, such as electric vehicles, self-driving cars and connectivity.

This is a challenge for suppliers in the automotive sector. They need to be able to keep pace with these changes and adapt their products and services to meet new requirements (new technologies, new materials, etc.) as quickly as possible.

Reducing environmental impact

As in every sector, reducing our environmental footprint has become a major focus for progress. This is particularly true for the automotive sector, which is associated with a significant proportion of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Every effort made throughout the car's life cycle is worthwhile. For this reason, manufacturers and equipment suppliers are looking for solutions that are more respectful of the environment, both in the materials they use and in their production processes.

The automotive sector is committed to the circular economy in order to reduce waste and optimize the use of resources (repair, reuse, materials recycling, battery regeneration, etc.). These initiatives aim to reduce demand for new resources and minimize the environmental impact of the automotive industry.

SOCOMORE in the automotive industry

An expert in the mobility sector

Originally from the aeronautics sector, SOCOMORE's strength lies in its ability to respect regulations and comply with standards. This expert offers cutting-edge solutions that meet the most demanding requirements, as well as a dedicated project management team.

Pre-saturated wipes

One of our leading products that has greatly improved the daily lives of automotive operators is the pre-saturated wipe. Instead of operators using rags they have to saturate themselves with bulk liquid, they now find just the right amount of liquid on a ready-to-use wipe. A successful solution that meets several goals:

  • Environmental
    • Reduces the amount of solvent per wipe compared with soaked cloths.
    • Eliminates the risk of over-consumption of solvents.
    • Reduces VOC emissions
  • Health & Safety
    • Improved working conditions for operators
    • Reduced exposure to chemicals
    • Reduced MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)
    • Elimination of problems relating to transport, storage and logistics
    • No risk of drips and spills
  • Process
    • Controlled application
    • Reduced consumption
    • Cost reduction (standardization)
    • Constant performance
    • Reliable, regular cleaning capacity
    • No wipe-off required

SOCOMORE products for the assembly line

Surface preparation before bonding

In the automotive assembly processes, surface cleaning prior to bonding is essential to ensure an optimal adhesion of components. This is the crucial step. As a surface preparation specialist, SOCOMORE offers a wide range of cleaning solvents for cleaning operations before bonding:


Characteristics of the liquid on wipe


Critical (windows)

Non  Critical (monograms)

VOC level


Cleaning efficiency

Dying time

Visual checking of dgreasing quality





Very fast





Very fast




Very good

Very fast




Very good





Very good





Efficient on non critical operation


In addition to the solvent itself, the wipe also plays a crucial role. It captures contaminants such as dust, grease and paint residues, providing a clean surface ready for bonding. For example, SOCOSAT E from SOCOMORE is ideal for this type of operation. It is available with SOCOCLEAN A2501 and SOCOCLEAN A2501 UV.

Surface preparation before bondingSurface preparation before bonding

Assembly lubricants

SOCOMORE also provides assembly lubricants such as SOCOPROTEC V0683 and V0694. They are used to facilitate the assembly of rubber seals, improve sealing, reduce friction and ensure operator safety, while being compatible with different materials and conditions.

  • Ready to use
  • Water-soluble phase
  • Reduces coefficient of friction
  • Ensures seal integrity
  • Compatible with elastomers
  • Does not corrode steel or aluminum
  • Temperature resistance: 0 to +60°C
  • Leaves no visible residue on sealant or painted surfaces.
  • Safer for operators:
    • No need to use personal protective equipment (PPE).
    • Reduced musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and operator fatigue.
    • No contamination of surface and working environment by lubricant.
socomore Assembly lubricantssocomore Assembly lubricants

SOCOMORE products for paint shops

Surface preparation before painting

Cleaning and preparation of plastic parts

For the preparation of automotive surfaces prior to painting, and in particular for the preparation of plastic parts (e.g. bumpers). SOCOMORE recommends using the SOCOSAT G wipe. 

It is available pre-saturated with SOCOCLEAN V2477 water-based cleaner (solvent-free, no flash point, no odour). Also available in a pre-saturated format with IPA.

General cleaning with dry wipes

As with bonding operations, it's important to prepare the surface before painting, using a dry wipe for example. This operation removes contaminants from the surface (dust, dirt, oils and other contaminants), improving adhesion, paint quality, finish and longevity.

SOCOMORE offers 2 types of dry wipes for automotive surface preparation prior to painting.


SOCOSHINE BLUE wipes are mainly used for polishing operations after paint touch-ups or for finishing operations. They are particularly effective for removing polishing pastes.

  • Extremely soft wipe
  • Available with or without stitched edge, in blue
  • Perfectly absorbs liquid spills
  • Can be washed up to 30 times
  • Silicone-free
SOCOWIPES VP50 dry wipe

SOCOWIPES VP50 is used in surface preparation to wipe off solvents and paints, and to clean equipment. It is also highly effective for removing sealant excess from bodywork and cleaning spatulas.

  • Bonded by hydro-entanglement.
  • Solvent-resistant.
  • Does not scratch fragile surfaces.
  • Can be used folded in 4 or in rolls with central wall dispenser.
SOCOWIPES VP50 dry wipeSOCOWIPES VP50 dry wipe

Cleaning of paint booth and equipment

To protect the paint booth and painting equipment, SOCOMORE also provides peel-off coatings to temporarily protect the required areas.

They are quick to install and easy to remove:

  • Quick and easy application with a spray gun
  • Compatible with all water- and solvent-based paints
  • Fast-drying in 10-30 min
  • Coating can be peeled off manually for deprotection
Cleaning of paint booth and equipmentCleaning of paint booth and equipment
Cleaning paint equipmentCleaning paint equipment

Cleaning paint equipment

Finally, to clean spray guns and other paint equipment, SOCOMORE recommends these two cleaning solvents for all types of paints:

Other SOCOMORE products for the automotive industry

Temporary protection for transport

After such a wonderful paint job, it would be a shame to damage the surface of the car during transport and handling. SOCOMORE's temporary protective coatings help protect surfaces during transport, from scratches, insects, UV rays, bad weather, etc.

  • PELLICAL 119C peelable protective coating
    • Protects parts during storage or transport
    • Fast, easy application with paint sprayer
    • Compatible with metal, plastic or composite surfaces
  • PROPACO SP3 washable protection
    • Protects surfaces from scratches and UV exposure during storage and transport
    • Fast, easy spray application
    • Fast drying
    • Water-based: washable with solvent-based (DIESTONE DLS) or water-based (SYNCLAIR A/C) cleaners

Maintenance and renovation

For maintenance operations, SOCOMORE's cleaning range can be used to degrease the surface between two operations or to strip the surface.

  • SOCOCLEAN T3430 : Degreasing / Stripping / Renovation of all metals
  • SOCOCLEAN UCA : SOCOCLEAN UCA: Inter-operation degreasing of all metals

Rim stripping

SOCOMORE also offers a ready-to-use NEP and NMP-free paint stripper. The KEMSTRIP 600 is used, for example, for stripping rims.

Rim stripping socomoreRim stripping socomore

KEMSTRIP 600 is an advanced, NMP- and NEP-free paint stripper for the automotive industry. It removes thick, multi-coat paints such as alkyds, polyurethanes, epoxies and others. It can safely be used on various materials such as steel, aluminum and titanium, without using harmful substances.

This product offers an environmentally-friendly solution for the removal of paints, cured sealants and organic adhesives, without the emission of unpleasant odors. Its two-phase formula, including an oily protective layer, reduces evaporative solvents and maintains a more comfortable working environment.

Tyre fitting lubricant

Lubricants are often used in assembly operations, such as fitting tyres to rims. These lubricants reduce friction between the tyre and the rim, making it easier to fit the tyre with less force.

SOCOMORE offers two lubricants for tyre assembly operations. SOCOLUB V0690 (available in liquid, aerosol or bulk form) and SOCOLUB V0692 (in gel or bulk form).

Main features:

  • Ready-to-use
  • Water-soluble phase
  • Non-flammable solution
  • Compatible with elastomers found in tyres
  • Glycol free
  • Does not stain paints
  • Reduces the friction coefficient at fitting
  • Rapid drying of approx. 20 minutes at 20 °C
  • No visible residue left on sealant or painted surfaces


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