Well known in the aeronautical sector, the KEMSTRIP 600 is no longer a product to present. For several years now, it gets a special place in the workshops of civil and military aircraft engine manufacturers. Its features are really appreciated by this challenging sector. However, this liquid paint stripper, more respectful of the environment, doesn’t not intend to stop its progression there. It continues its progression into other sectors. It is also used by car manufacturers, in particular for the renovation of aluminum rims. Let's take a look at this new application and its many possibilities!

At first, the official paint stripper for aircraft engines, landing gear and wheels

KEMSTRIP 600 is a liquid stripper that is also used as a descaler (oxide remover), it can remove a wide variety of coatings, especially those on aircraft parts (engine parts, landing gear and wheels).

Composed of active and penetrating agents as well as surfactants, KEMSTRIP 600 is effective on multiple or thick layers of paint, such as alkyds, alkyd-urethanes, polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylics, etc. It is also used to remove carbon deposits. It is compatible with steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys. In addition to its effectiveness, it is also more environmentally friendly: it is Cr(VI) free, NEP (N-ethyl-pyrrolidinone) free and NMP (N-methyl-pyrrolidinone) free. Finally, it can be used at high temperature (80°C) for an efficient and faster stripping.

Since its launch on the market, it has conquered the world of aeronautics and keep collecting approvals. Among them, we can find the major manufacturers and OEMs of civil and military aircraft engines.

  • CFMI
  • GE

The KEMSTRIP 600, more respectful of the environment and the operators

Why is KEMSTRIP 600 a successful liquid paint stripper? One of the reasons is a better respect for the environment and for the health of its users. It complies with REACh regulations. It replaces all the paint strippers on the market that are now prohibited by the legislation, without compromising the efficiency you need!

It is strictly free of the following harmful substances

  • Chlorinated or aromatic solvents
  • Hexavalent chromes (classified CMR - Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic)
  • Phenols (classified CMR - Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic)
  • NEP (toxic for reproduction category 1B according to European CLP regulation)
  • NMP (toxic for reproduction category 1B according to European CLP regulation)

As an example, NMP is a product banned from use in Europe since May 2020.

Thanks to its two-phase composition, it has an oily protective layer of about ten centimeters on the surface. In baths, this protective layer delays the evaporation of the solvents contained in the stripper, this allow to maintain a longer effectiveness. This layer also retains the odors and VOCs emanating from the bath, for the comfort and health of the operators.

The high temperature paint stripper

KEMSTRIP 600 can be used at high temperatures (80-110°C) for fast and efficient removal. The high temperature of the bath increases the efficiency of the stripping process as well as its speed of action. No need to wait anymore to obtain clean and paint-free parts. Paint stripper used in bath allows you to work in hidden time, as the parts can remain immersed until the stripping is complete.

For our customers that may not have heating tanks, we also have a paint stripper that can be used without heating. SOCOSTRIP A4512 is a liquid paint stripper that can be used at room temperature. It can be used to strip a wide variety of paints, both solvent and water based paints. SOCOSTRIP A4512 does not contain chlorinated solvents, phenol, chromate, ammonia, amine or heavy metals. Finally, it can be used on aluminum alloys, steel and titanium.

KEMSTRIP 600, an effective stripper for the automotive sector 

KEMSTRIP 600 is originally the star of the aircraft engine strippers, and now well used in the automotive industry. More and more customers in the automotive industry are using it for its many properties. A typical example is the stripping of painted aluminum wheels.

Rim renovation with KEMSTRIP 600

KEMSTRIP 600 has proven to be very useful for the renovation of painted aluminum rims. For automotive professionals, it becomes a tool in its very own right. The first step in the rim renovation process is to strip the rim to bare metal. The rim is completely immersed in a bath of KEMSTRIP 600 to remove the paint and any traces of grease. There is no need for large tanks for this type of part, in fact our customers use tanks ranging on average from 100 L to 2000 L.

The interest of this technique is its speed and efficiency. In addition, this stripping technique is smoother than abrasive techniques such as sandblasting or air blasting. Easier to perform, it does not damage the aluminum or the anti-corrosion surface treatments it has received (which can be marked by mechanical stripping).

Finally, for the teams performing the stripping, chemical stripping with KEMSTRIP 600 is more comfortable and safer. Compared to abrasives and sanding, this type of stripping requires less manpower, reduces the operator exposure and manipulations (which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders - MSD).

Rim renovation with KEMSTRIP 600Rim renovation with KEMSTRIP 600

Cable or sheath stripping

Recently, some tests have been done on behalf of our customers to test other applications for KEMSTRIP 600. We were able to remove copper wires. During another test, we were also able to remove electrode sheaths. They were placed in a small bath of water and KEMSTRIP 600, heated to 80°C, for an hour and then rinced with water. The product has completely stripped them, softening the sheath and separating it from the electrode. They are now ready to be used by the customer.

The conclusion of our product manager: “KEMSTRIP 600 is the perfect solution for a quick and efficient stripping. A safer solution for the environment and the health of your operators!”

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