Pratt & Whitney has approved KEMSTRIP 600 for use in Service Process Operation Procedures (SPOP) 260.

It will be added to SPOP 260 in the Pratt & Whitney Commercial Standard Practices Manual (SPM) in the December 2017 revision. The V2500* engine SPM will also be revised in November 2017 to include KEMSTRIP 600 and its additives. In the interim, KEMSTRIP 600 can be used according to the Pratt & Whitney parameters for stripping paint on parts where SPOP 260 has been called out in P&W engine manuals.

This important Pratt & Whitney approval for Kemstrip 600 joins others from SAE, ASTM International, SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES (formerly SNECMA) and SAFRAN HELICOPTER ENGINES (formerly TURBOMECA).

An environmentally responsible liquid paint stripper that can be used as a strong de-scaler, KEMSTRIP 600 is free from hydrocarbons, chlorinated and aromatic solvents, and harmful CMR substances such as hexavalent chromium, phenols, NEP and NMP. It removes a wide variety of coatings (phenolic, acrylic and nitrocellulose lacquers, polyurethanes, epoxies) commonly used on aircraft surfaces and engine components such as impeller blades, transfer cases, diffuser cases, wheels and landing gears. KEMSTRIP 600 will also remove sealants from clamps and application materials.

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* The V2500 engine is designed and manufactured by International Aero Engines, a global partnership of aerospace leaders including Pratt & Whitney, Japanese Aero Engine Corporation and MTU Aero Engines.