SOCOMORE is proud to announce that SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR, its new acid-activated gel paint stripper, is now approved by Airbus under the reference CML09CBB1. Focus on this paint stripper dedicated to MRO to help them achieve their objectives (process control, lead time management, reactivity, operational efficiency, as well as environmental and operator safety).

Décapants SOCOMORE : Le SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR désormais homologué par AirbusDécapants SOCOMORE : Le SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR désormais homologué par Airbus
Décapants SOCOMORE : Le SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR désormais homologué par Airbus

Socostrip A0212 SR: an effective new paint stripper for the aerospace industry

Focus on SOCOSTRIP A0212SR


SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR stripper offers several benefits. It is efficient with all paint systems, including solgel paint systems. It is particularly adapted for epoxies, polyurethanes and alkydurethanes.

It is non-corrosive to most metallic materials (steels, aluminium alloys, titanium, etc.) with the exception of magnesium, high-strength steel and cadmium-plated steel (which must be protected by masking operations, in accordance with the usual aeronautical specifications for acid strippers).

In addition, its viscosity has been specially designed to make it easier to apply by hand (or with an airless applicator) to ensure perfect coverage on all surfaces, even vertical or overhanging surfaces. Thanks to its composition and texture, it also reduces overall stripping time and paint stripper consumption.

Finally, SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR also contains no chlorine, phenol or chrome.

Approvals and conformities of Socostrip A0212 SR paint stripper

SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR paint stripper can be used by airlines and MRO centres maintaining AIRBUS and BOEING aircraft. You will find below the main qualifications of SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR paint stripper.


The paint stripper is on the AIRBUS CML list (Consumable Material List): CML09CBB1


The paint stripper complies with the specifications of BSS7432 and BAC 5725.

Why choose Socostrip A0212 SR acid stripper?

15 month shelf life

SOCOSTRIP A0212SR is the paint stripper with the longest shelf life on the market, of 15 months.

This simplifies logistics for MRO workshops, giving them greater flexibility and greater reactivity to market demands.

Optimum viscosity for greater adhesion

Its gel texture and level of viscosity were carefully studied during its development. Its thixotropic gel consistency ensures optimum adhesion to all types of surface, especially vertical and overhanging ones.

Thixotropy allows the gel to flow more easily, but at rest it returns to its original viscosity, allowing it to stay in place without sinking. This means it can be applied to vertical or overhanging surfaces without slipping or running, ensuring optimum contact with the coating to be removed. This allows the paint stripper to operate more effectively on the surface without the need for constant monitoring or frequent touch-ups.

Reduced paint stripping time and consumption of paint stripper

SOCOSTRIP A0212SR has been developed to significantly reduce workshop cycle times and improve its applicability, thanks to the above factors.

Its gel consistency and blue colour make it easy to apply and work with. Compared with other strippers currently on the market, this allows less product to be used for MRO operations.

Thanks to its specific formulation, its acid activation and its improved adhesion to surfaces, the stripping time for SOCOSTRIP A0212SR is also reduced. This also saves time on operations.

Paint stripping efficiency at low temperatures (<20°C)

Although the performance of SOCOSTRIP A0212SR is optimised between 25 and 35°C (77 and 95°F), it can also be used efficiently at lower temperatures (below 20°C) with, of course, longer application time.

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Socostrip A0212 SR: a paint stripper in the Airbus CML

What does the application code 09CBB1 mean for Airbus-approved paint strippers?

The application code "09CBB1" refers to Airbus-approved acid-activated paint strippers. It is included in the Airbus Component Maintenance List (CML), a list that identifies materials and substances approved for aircraft maintenance and repair.

Products with this code, such as SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR, meet Airbus' high standards for safety, efficiency and minimal environmental impact in aircraft surface stripping operations (in MRO).

What does the inclusion of Socostrip A0212 SR in the Airbus CML list mean?

The listing of SOCOSTRIP A0212 SR in the AIRBUS CML under the code CML09CBB1 means that this acidic paint stripper has been approved by Airbus for use in the aerospace industry, and meets the high standards of the aircraft manufacturer.

As a result, MRO centres can use socostrip a0212 sr on Airbus aircraft such as the :

  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A330
  • A380
  • ...

The conclusion of the Product Owner, Emilie CHAMPAGNE 

"Thanks to this qualification, MRO workshops will be able to benefit from a paint stripper that enables them to meet their challenges: Speed, Flexibility, while ensuring the safety of their operators and the material compatibility requirements defined by AIRBUS."