Cleaning Cables in the Power Industry

Electrical cables are everywhere for power distribution within cities or industrial areas. They run within buildings but are also buried. Often forgotten, submarine cables are used under the ocean for power transmission too.  

In sewer and water construction and maintenance, and in the energy and communications industries, we use cleaners to degrease cables and accessories during both installation and maintenance activities. 

The main problems are the contaminants that accumulate during years of use, that can provide a path over the insulation and increase the risk of tracking. Solvent cleaners remove contaminants found on the cables before jointing or installation.

PF SOLVENT is a multi-purpose cleaner, available in liquid or as an impregnated wipe. It’s a perfect cable cleaning solvent that is specifically designed as an electrical solvent cleaner, up to HV. 

Are you looking for an efficient power industry cleaner? Keep reading!

What differentiates PF SOLVENT?

Key Points of this Power Industry Solvent Cleaner are:

  • Multi-purpose
  • Multi-approved
  • Reduction of installation faults for long-lasting cable life
  • Solvent consumption, VOC emissions & costs reduction
  • Wide range of power network materials compatibility
  • With low lint pre-saturated wipe system: no hazardous storage, transport and logistical issues of loose flammable liquids


Operations and applications

PF SOLVENT is used for the cleaning and degreasing for cables during jointing and maintenance activities as well as on switchgear and network equipment.

Some companies also use it during substation cleaning and maintenance as well as the degreasing of overhead power lines in rail applications.

The fact that you can use this product liquid or pre-impregnated on wipes, as well as its cleaning effectiveness and capacity to endure use on high voltage/electrical cables makes its use very broad. 

PF SOLVENT is suitable for the 3 families of cables: 

  • ground impregnated paper cables
  • pressure cables
  • extruded cables.

It can be used to clean the cables but also specific parts of them or accessories like:

  • cable oversheaths
  • cable metallic sheaths
  • connectors (conductor or not),
  • termination components,…

Don’t forget generators or electrical transformers.

The product is a residue free solvent that removes:

  • greases
  • oils
  • sealants
  • cable jellies
  • soils
  • tar
  • bitumen

It cleans semi-conducting insulation shield residue, silicone grease, dirt, joints,…


PF SOLVENT approvals

PF SOLVENT is a multi-approved product.  The product is used, recommended & approved by several energy key players:

British Isles Utilities including:

  • Electricity North West
  • ESB             
  • Scottish Power
  • UK Power Networks
  • Scottish and Southern
  • Northern PowerGrid

Cable companies as:

  • ABB

To see the full list, please go to the Approvals section of the product.


What are PF SOLVENT main characteristics?

One of the main characteristics is its high flash point. 

Due to its intrinsic properties, it is suitable for high, medium and low voltage applications.

It is designed specifically following the recommendations of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 

Due to its key features and properties, this is an ideal replacement to traditional fast evaporating solvents. An example is the Trichloroethane.


If you want more information about the technical characteristics of PF SOLVENT, please read the properties section provided below.

These are generic properties, for more specific information, please contact us.


Physical Properties

The appearance is a fluid liquid, you can also buy the product in pre-saturated wipes format.

The specific gravity is 0.765 for the liquid format,  or >1 if you use presaturated wipes.

PF SOLVENT’s flash point is 61°C.

More information

Go on the product sheet, to find PF SOLVENT safety data sheet or technical data sheet.

If you are interested in this degreaser for the energy industry, please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote. 

If you would like to know the PF SOLVENT price or buy the product, ask us online.

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