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The SOCOSURF A1858-A1806 WS bi-component bath is used for the deoxidation or bleaching of aluminium and its alloys after degreasing or alkaline pickling.

  • SOCOSURF A1858-A1806 WS is used by spraying. For an immersion use, please refer to the SOCOSURF A1858-A1806 technical data sheet.
  • It is particularly suitable before chromium conversion, SOCOGEL type solgel, anodizing, dye penetration, chemical machining, gluing and welding.
  • It is free of hexavalent chromium and fluoride ion. This facilitates the handling of the product and the treatment of waste.
  • It meets the HSE requirements in force. The absence of fluorides allows a homogeneous attack of the alloys and allows a stability of the bath and its performances.
  • SOCOSURF A1858 is the concentrated acid part for the deoxidation mixture.
  • SOCOSURF A1858 can be used alone in cases where subsequent treatments are not critical.
  • SOCOSURF A1806 WS is the essential part to bring all the characteristics to the treatment mixture.
  • All the active elements of the mixture can be readjusted by adding the products of the assembly and also by adding SOCOSURF A1850 (acid additive) to extend the life and maintain the performance.
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SKU (GTIN) 3665792008718
Format Liquid
Usage unit Liter
Usage unit quantity 20
ERP Code P61801-20L-P-1
Master product SOCOSURF A1806 WS
VOC g/L 0.0000
Regulatory constraints Each customer is responsible for verifying the regulatory constraints incumbent on him for import and transport