In response to the strong demand to simplify pre-treatment solutions, SOCOMORE has expanded its range. We now have a global product offering to meet all customer needs, from local spot repairs to large surface applications such as widebody aircraft and trams/ trains. Our sol-gels products are qualified by OEMs leaders like AIRBUS, BOEING, DASSAULT AVIATION, ALSTOM, etc.

Pre-paint chrome free conversion coating application

SOCOMORE is well known in industry for our chrome free pre-treatment solutions (for more information see our previous article).

Thanks to SOCOGEL, as pre-treatment solution, the paint adhesion is reinforced on the surface of the metallic, composite and painted parts. Using the adhesion promoter also limits rivet-rash and gives adding properties to the paint system applied in the following step.

paint, socogel, substrat layerspaint, socogel, substrat layers
Paint sytem layers

We have a large range of products to suit our customers’ needs. The SOCOGEL range offers various packaging from touch-up pen (30 mL), 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 1L and 5 L. The adhesion promoter may be applied using a spray gun, by wiping or with a pen.

Spray gun applications are:

  • Simple and fast on large surfaces
  • Same as paint application methods

Wiping applications are:

  • Easy to apply in workshop out of the paint booth
  • Help to reduce waste avoiding overspray

Pen application is designed for:

  • Repairs outside of the paint shop
  • Localized treatments
  • Retouch repairs

SOCOGEL pen application

Pre-paint chrome free conversion coating  pen applicationPre-paint chrome free conversion coating  pen application
Easy to use and flexible, the pen allows touch-up application on site

The SOCOGEL pen is a single use kit specifically developed to address customer’s local applications and repairs on site.

Advantages of the SOCOGEL pen:

  • Easy to use and flexible, the pen can be easily transported and carried.
  • Can be used for 12 to 24 hours after opening.
  • Time savings: one-step application eliminates the waiting time between applications when using a multiple application solution.
  • Up to 100 repairs (100 square centimetres each)


The SOCOGEL pen, 30 mL, is available in all our SOCOGEL grade:

If you need more information on qualification or product’s specifications, please visit the product pages.

Download the flyer now for more information on the use and advantages of the SOCOGEL pen.

SOCOMORE offers a large range of adhesion promoters in the pre-treatment before painting process. To discover PreKote products or MADER AERO wash primers: