With SOCOGEL pen it is easy to make touch-up applications in the aeroport's hangar! No need to take you aircraft in paintshops! Watch the video to see how easy it is to use our pen solution.

Sol-gel adhesion promoter solutions for touch-up application

SOCOGEL is a chrome free sol-gel that solves aerospace rivet rash issues and enhances the adhesion of primers and paints on metallic surfaces.

SOCOGEL is SOCOMORE product range for adhesion promoters.

The pen application is an additional packaging to the SOCOGEL range. The sol-gel, adhesion promoteur, can be applied:

  • By spraying
  • By wiping
  • By touch-up application

The product range SOCOGEL is qualified by all major OEM including AIRBUS and BOEING. For more information, visit the product pages below.

Discover SOCOGEL pen touch-up kit

SOCOGEL pen, adhesion promoter, comes in a pouch. It contains 3 items:

  • an empty pen,
  • a bi-component product.

Steps to prepare a SOCOGEL pen for touch-up application

  1. Open the pouch
  2. Take out the 3 items
  3. Open the 2 small bottles
  4. Pour the SOCOGEL PART C in the SOCOGEL PART EC bottle to mix the 2 products together.
  5. Shake the mixture
  6. Unscrew the empty pen
  7. Pour in the mixture
  8. Let it rest for 30 minutes

How to use the pen?

  1. Apply the mixture form top to bottom
  2. Then from right to left

The application is done.

Watch the video how to prepare SOCOGEL pen

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