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Sold by: box of 50 units.

The SkyScraper and Seat Track Scraper by Elixair are approved plastic (POM or ULTEM) scrapers used as tools in the removal of cured sealant and adhesives. The fluted SkyScraper can be re-sharpened multiple times using the SkyMill Revolution portable sharpening machine, making it extremely cost effective.

Available with an ergonomic SkyGrip handle, the SkyScraper is a proven cost effective and popular asset in the sealant removal process, and will not damage or scribe/scratch aircraft substrates or painted surfaces. The SkyScraper is protected by patents and comes in a range of different sizes and varieties. Composed of different types of plastic, it can accommodate all working environments, including cleaning seat tracks with a specifically designed scraper.

SkyScraper Key Features

  • Easy to use and work in conjunction with the SkyGrip - an ergonomic interchangeable rubberised grip which is specifically designed to help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries caused by repetitive tool use.
  • Can help to reduce foreign object damage/debris (FOD) issues.
  • Safe alternative to metallic scrapers - will not damage surfaces.
  • The fluted SkyScraper can be re-sharpened using the SkyMill Revolution and SkyEdgit sharpening devices.
  • Quick release interchangeable tools and various length extension handles for ease of use and operator comfort.

Additional Tools & Accessories

In addition to the SkyScraper, we have a variety of tools and accessories for applying sealant, and removing sealant and adhesive tape residues:

  • Seat Track scrapers are scrapers specifically designed for cleaning seat tracks.
  • The SkyGrip is an ergonomic interchangeable rubberised grip handle for use with all SkyScraper and Seat Track scrapers.
  • The SkyTube is an extension handle designed to fit a SkyScraper on one end with a SkyGrip on the other end, enabling you to remove sealants and adhesives from high up and difficult to reach places.
  • The SkyCarrier and SkyBlade are used to effectively remove sealant and adhesive tapes. The SkyBlade slots into the SkyCarrier and is used for those difficult to reach places. The SkyCarrier has a quick release interchangeable slot for different sized SkyBlades.
  • The SkyExtendable Handle is an extension handle that reaches 2-4’ (61 cm-122 cm) for hard to reach places.
  • Two SkyExtendable Handle Adaptors, specially designed tools that enable a SkyScraper (adaptor: 312/11) and a SkyCarrier (adaptor: 312/12) to be fitted onto the SkyExtendable Handle, are also available.
  • The SkyViz is a UV clip that attaches to SkyScrapers. It will fluoresce under light for easy detection in wing tanks, etc.
  • The SkyPlane is a comfortable handle for use with SkyScrapers. It absorbs pressure during the sealant removal process, helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Use the SkySpreader, SkySpatula and SkySmoother for the easy application of sealants, adhesives and liquid shim materials.
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More Information
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