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Sold by: pallet of 30 box each containing 30 flatpacks of 24 wipes SOCOSAT 15233 sized 18X38cm.

High flash point sealant removal and surface cleaning solvent for preparing surfaces prior to paint, bond and sealant application during aerospace OEM & MRO part cleaning operations. DIESTONE SR is the former PF-SR manufactured by PT Technologies Europe. It is a heavy duty, residue free higher flash point solvent based cleaner and degreaser for surface cleaning of gross soils, sealant and adhesive residues, fabrication soils and marking inks during Aerospace MRO and OEM parts cleaning operations. Effectively removes semi-cured polysulphide sealants, RTV materials, Skydrol marks, stickers, tape and combustion residues. It is also an effective cleaning solvent in preparing and cleaning tooling of composite structures.
  • 100% volatile solvent – leaves no residue after complete evaporation
  • Substitute for low flash point solvents such as MEK, IPA & Acetone
  • Bond breaker to penetrate beneath the adhesive, break the bond and lift from surface
  • Controlled evaporation rate
  • Reduces solvent consumption, costs & VOC emissions when moving from fast evaporating solvent cleaners
  • Suitable for use on metal, solvent resistant organic coatings and composites/composite tooling
  • Low content of sulphur chlorides, nitrogen, peroxides and acids
  • Non-corrosive on metals such as copper, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel etc.
  • Suitable for cold cleaning solvent immersion or swab/wipe
  • Available in liquid and pre-saturated on low lint wipes such as SOCOCAT 15233 (a cloth compliant to
  • AMS 3819C qualification requirements)
  • Pre-saturated wipe system eliminates the hazardous storage, transport and logistical issues of loose flammable liquids
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  • AMS3819
  • SAE
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SKU (GTIN) 3665792007896
Format Wipe
Usage unit Each
Usage unit quantity 900
ERP Code P28294-L038-900-1
Master product DIESTONE SR
  • Name : SOCOSAT 15233
  • Structure : Low lint- Smooth wipe
  • Description : Non woven - Pulp / polyester
  • Abrasion resistance - scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high) : 3
  • Tearing resistance - Scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high) : 3
VOC g/L 910.0000
Regulatory constraints Each customer is responsible for verifying the regulatory constraints incumbent on him for import and transport